Responsible Fishing

Seafood is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Here at Rockabill we are fully committed to responsible fishing practices and the long term protection of the marine environment. Our vessels are members of Responsible Irish Fish. This scheme covers producer’s operations under three areas:

  • Quality – Top class handling and storage of fishery products
  • Provenance – Our products are fully traceable to each vessel
  • Responsibility – Protection of the marine environment

Our vessels use selective gear to reduce the capture of juvenile species and work with the state authorities on stock sampling and assessment programs.

Our freezer trawlers implement a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, approved by the Sea Fish Protection Authority, covering on-board handling and hygiene practices.

The company has set specific and ambitious targets to create more sustainable harvesting, processing, and logistical operations for the business to be recognised now, and in the future as a Green Organisation. In addition, we have joined the Bord Bia Origin Green plan as an Irish Leader in sustainable products, beneficial for Rockabill Seafood’s customers, consumers, community and the environment. The Origin Green plan is the future!