Rockabill Wins at Seafood Prix d’Elite 2015

Something Fishy is a unique product that delivers that “fresh-sea taste” to fish, shellfish, seafood and even surf n’ turf dishes. How? It contains a delicious combination of crab, mussel, seaweed, seasoning and grass-fed, salted Irish butter, in an easy-to-use portion that takes the mystery out of cooking natural, nutritious fish. Available in 3 flavours:

  • Original Dulse – overtones of sea salt bring out the best in any seafood dish
  • Asian Infusion – layers of curry, coriander, chilli and lime, great in so many dishes
  • Sweet Onion – delicious blend of caramelised onions, classic flavour delivery

Something Fishy Irish Shellfish Culinary Butter is a stock, cooking medium and finish for all seafood meals.

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